Getting Your Money

Getting your money with Hatton Garden Refinery is really simple. You can choose to be paid via two different methods:

1. Faster Payments Service

Faster Payments Service is another name for a bank transfer but instead of it taking a number of days the money will clear in your account within 24 hours. We have even known Faster Payments to clear in customers accounts within a few minutes! It is completely free and the vast majority of banks are now signed up to the service. If you are looking for the quickest method of getting your money this works out best. It is also completely free to you the customer.

2. Cash

If you are looking to receive hard cash in your hand then we can send you cash in the post via Special Delivery. This will be sent the next working day. It is fully insured and tracked at every stage. The owner of the gold must sign for the cash on delivery and of course this payment option is completely FREE.


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