Why Us?

Here are some of the main reason to choose to sell your gold to Hatton Garden Refinery

1.Cut Out the Middle Man And Go Direct to Hatton Garden’s Refinery

Hatton Garden has established it’s name as a trading centre for precious metals since the medieval times. There are over 300 business dedicated to the trade. The management team at the refinery thought this would be a great place to situate their business

2.The Location And The Contacts To Get You The Best Price.

As we are based in one of the largest gold trading centers in Europe. We can offer highly competitive prices to our customers. The savings we make by being located in Hatton Garden mean we can pass these onto our customers by giving some of the best prices in the scrap gold market.

3.High Tech Scrap Gold Testing Machines.

We use the most cutting edge testing technologies. For testing the team uses a high tech Energy Dispersive X-Ray Fluorescence (ED-XRF) machine. This gives highly accurate gold readings and means we can pay you based on the most accurate testing results. The benefits to our customers are that they will be paid based on the most accurate testing findings, thus getting the most possible for their scrap gold items.

4.Simple And Straight Forward Process To Getting Your Cash.

After you order a gold pack we will send it in the post the next day, 1st class. Contained in the gold pack is a special delivery envelope. As the envelope is sent via Special Delivery is fully insured and you can track it’s progress at every stage. We are guaranteed to receive it the next day before 1 pm.


Find Out How Much You'll Get For Your Scrap Gold