Your Questions Answered Here

Here are the answers to some of the most common questions we face:

1. I have some white gold do you buy that?
Yes, we buy all forms of gold including white gold, rose gold and of course yellow gold.

2. Do you buy silver, platinium, or palladium?
We buy all forms of precious metals including silver, platinum and palladium. Please call us on 020 3137 0867 or email for a quote.

3. Will I be getting the best prices for my scrap gold?
In a word yes, you will get the best prices in the market. The reason for this is simple, as we are a refinery our customers cut out the middle man and go directly to a refinery. This benefits our customers because it means they can get the best prices for their gold.

4. I don’t think my item has hallmarks, will that make a difference to the price?
No, as we use the most up to date technology to measure the gold content in your items. It does not matter if your items have no hallmarks.

5. How do you pay me for my gold?
This is really simple and straightforward, you can either choose to be paid via bank transfer ( Faster Payments Service ) or cash sent in the post via secure delivery. You will receive the cash the next working day via Special Delivery.

6. How do I choose the best payment method?
When you order your gold pack. Just choose which method works best for you and fill out the customer details form. Put the customer details form in the gold pack and return it with your gold using the Special Delivery envelope. After valuing your gold we will pay you according to your preference on the customer details form. It is as simple as that!

7. Can I trust the Hatton Garden Refinery?
Hatton Garden Refinery was set up precisely because we saw a gap in the market for a firm that offers the general public the chance to sell their scrap gold directly to a gold refinery using the latest cutting edge technology BUT also offers a great customer service. The team has many years experience within the previous metals refining industry and our reputation speaks for it’s self.

8. What is the best way to package my gold?
The most important thing to remember is that everything is included in the gold pack we post to you, and that it is free.

9. What should I do at the Post Office?
The person behind the counter at your nearest Post Office will know exactly what to do. Everything will be very straight forward and simple as the return envelope is sent via Special Delivery. Just remember to get a receipt so that you can track your gold pack using Track and Trace on the Royal Mail Website

10. Can I come into your offices?
We are able to offer our great prices due to the fact that we don’t have the overheads associated with a shop. By only offering a postal service ( albeit a very reliable one through the Royal Mail ) we are able to give our customers the best prices in the market.

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